Welcome to my little corner of domestic anarchy.

I am a recovering teacher of Connecticut inner city middle school teenagers who gave up my tenure to seek respite (i.e., eek out three babies in three years).  And as I sit here and reflect, I’m thinking about how much life changes in the course of a decade.

Ten years ago, I was rooming with my cat in a rundown in-law apartment, making my way by lying to skeptical teens about why they’ll keep solving for X after high school.  During this time I broke down and married my high school nemesis. (It’s a cute little love/hate story, if you’d like to read about it.)  Over the next three years, I started reproducing like a Gremlin submerged in water, then stuffed the remaining square footage of our home with two dogs, two cats and a trail of fur balls.  Somewhere along the line, I started blogging as a recreational sport, a journey you can read about here. Today, I am cursing the economy while savoring every drop of adorableness from my three, five and seven-year-olds before they start breaking curfews and manipulating me for the car keys.

In this blog you’ll find tips on house cleaning, a blueprint for model parenting, ten ways to slash your grocery bill, a hundred ways to recycle used coffee grounds and how to make sequined coat hangers.

Or not.

At 5:00 on a typical day, my house is ransacked, the kids are unruly, my husband and I are arguing in front of the children, and dinner isn’t even a thought.  Really, the only thing I’ve ever done well is to write.  Check it.  You probably haven’t found a single grammatical error yet.

This blog won’t make you a better person. But it’s bound to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Won’t you come join me in my chaos?

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