Make it Quik

Everyone has memories of that one special family dinner that only Mom (or Dad, or Grandma, or whoever had the culinary expertise) could perfect. In my family, it was my grandma’s Hungarian chicken paprikash with nokedli (followed closely by her stuffed peppers and homemade chicken dumpling soup). Sure, my dad passed along her recipes to me, and I follow them to the T—but sadly, close as they may come, that special something Grandma captured in her dishes was lost with her 25 years ago.

Last night for Anna’s birthday sleepover, I handed her and her friend, Jake, our ritual bedtime nightcap—a big, bubbly glass of chocolate milk. Jake gulped it down heartily and declared, “This is good!”

“My mom makes the best chocolate milk,” Anna boasted. “After you try it, you’re going to want to come over for a thousand sleepovers!”

And with that, I decided, I’m taking the recipe to my grave.

If any of you lets the cat out of the bag, the Quik bunny gets it.

It’s pretty much official.


Yesterday Anna celebrated her birthday with her bestie, Jacob. He kicked off the event by bestowing her with flowers and jewelry. She wanted to go to the movies, but he opted for a quiet evening at home in front of the Xbox. They then spent the rest of the night arguing over who got the cordless controller. They say they’re going to get married someday. I say it’s already happened.